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2019 Coliving Consultants

By Gui Perdrix (@guiperdrix)

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Would you like to create a coliving space or improve it?

2019 has seen the emergence of a few new initiatives - namely, dedicated experts and consultants in the coliving industry.

The term might sound old-school, but all of them have done a pretty cool job. From creating their own coliving benchmark models or touring the world of coliving spaces, meet the go-to-people that will help you come up with your space concept, build out your idea, and help you with operations.

Here are the current coliving consultants that can bring projects forward and into life.

Conscious Coliving


Location: London, UK

The Conscious Coliving collective was formed more than a year ago. Initially, their team of five came together to create the Conscious Coliving Manifesto, a masterpiece for where coliving should be heading in terms of outcomes, value systems, and pillars of focus. Today, they help with conception and feasibility analysis up to operational advice.

Check out Conscious Coliving here.

Space & Pepper


Location: Berlin

Founded by Hana Ahriz and Franziska Heuschkel, Space & Pepper started as a community facilitation and consultancy initiative which quickly moved towards coliving. As advisors, the team now helps with market research, space culture, interior design, user experience, and event programming. Space & Pepper also organizes local coliving events in Berlin and recently partnered up with The Factory Berlin to open the Space Lab, an organization to host coliving events and prototype coliving spaces in physical form.

Check out Space & Pepper here.

Bond Works


Location: Nomadic

Brittnee Bond, who founded Bond Works originally as a consultancy for coworking spaces and company culture, has been exploring the coliving scene and been a coliving consultant for several brands. After advising on different subjects such as ideation and operational improvements (with a focus on technology), she’s currently touring the world of coliving spaces and creating a documentary (follow here on Instagram).

Check out Bond Works here.

Claire Flurin


Location: Paris

Claire is the co-founder of Co-Liv, the world’s largest network of coliving professionals. After being part of the Pure House Lab initiative and running Co-Liv as executive director for two years, Claire focused on innovative solutions for urban real estate and mobility. Some initiatives she worked with include Model Housing (Pittsburgh, USA) and the legendary Zoku (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Contact Claire here.

Happy Working Lab


Location: Barcelona

The team from HWL labels themselves as “the first European coworking and coliving consulting agency”. Being around for more than 8 years in the coworking sector, their consultancy services are now including the coliving sector and help with concept creation to operations.​

Check out Happy Working Lab here.

Anything I forgot?

If you want to mention your consulting agency, leave a comment below or write me at You can also tag on Twitter @colivingdiaries.

About Me - I'm Gui and I explore the depth of coliving. In the past, I created several short-term coliving spaces in Barcelona and Bali. I'm currently documenting the coliving scene on the Coliving Diaries. You can find me on Twitter and chat with me here.

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