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Coliving for Newbies: Top Resources to Understand Coliving

By Gui Perdrix (@guiperdrix)

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I curated a list of articles to read if you are new to the coliving scene.

If you read the articles below and watch the talks, you will have a clear understanding of what coliving is, where it's coming from and where it might be heading. After that, I recommend you to check out our list of more in-depth resources (magazines, studies, reports) to dig deeper into the field.

PS: I highly recommend to everyone to read them, regardless of how long you've been a coliving enthusiast ;)

Defining Coliving

Founding Articles

Leading Videos

Any Key Resource You'd Add?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or tagging me on Twitter @colivingdiaries with your personal favourite.

About Me - I'm Gui and I explore the depth of coliving. It the past, I created several short-term coliving spaces in Barcelona and Bali. I'm currently documenting the coliving scene on the Coliving Diaries. You can find me on Twitter and chat with me here.

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