• The Coliving Bible: Open-Source Listing of Coliving Directories

    The Coliving Bible is the first summary of coliving initiatives including

    • 300+ coliving spaces (including names and descriptions)
    • 120+ architects, designers, softwares, developers and organizations
    • 50+ thought leaders, author and experts
    • which you can filter through locations, categories and websites

    This is an open-source project, made for and by the coliving community.


    Further Publications

    Single or joint publications that push the coliving scene forward.



    Art of Coliving (Book)

    Coming out in 2020, this book explores one fundamental question: how are coliving operators able to scale while maintaining a high degree of culture and community?


    Art of Coliving is a research based on interviews and visits of 100+ coliving spaces. The book gives insights into how to think coliving and uses case studies to showcase the best operational practices.

    Coliving Insights Magazine

    The first magazine dedicated to analysing the services and offerings of worldwide coliving operators.


    Coliving Insights analyses major trends and opportunities within the coliving scene based on current market offerings. It also includes profiles on 27 operators with their backgrounds, operating models, market positioning, and a detailed SWOT analysis.

  • “We humans don’t look perfection,

    we look for psychological comfort.”

    Joe Navarro at CMX Summit West 2015

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